A big ‘hello’ to everyone. As you may have heard, my name is Allison from An Eye for Ink and I have recently taken on the challenge of publishing our national industry ‘Flowers Magazine’

The magazine was originally created by the wonderful team at ‘Flowers Australia’. For a number of reasons, Flowers Australia recently announced its closure and this essential magazine was in grave danger of discontinuing. I am from a publishing background, but my family is also involved in the flower industry. I could see the strong desire and need for the magazine to survive within the flower community.

So for this to happen, I need your support…. and this is why.

In the past, Flowers Magazine was viable through a combination of

    • Magazine advertising – businesses throughout our industry
    • Magazine subscriptions – individuals and other associations
    • Association subsidies to distribute it – Flowers Australia subsidised the majority of the magazines 1,500+ circulation.

A lot of copies were available for free in the past. This was for good reason – to ensure the widest readership of important industry messages, share any learnings and insights with everyone. 

However, it has not been sustainable. Without any subsidies from associations like Flowers Australia, the magazine has to stand on its own. It can only remain viable is through the support of everyone.

The Flowers Magazine has to remain relevant, interesting and useful to its audience and advertisers – that’s the exciting challenge that I have ahead of me. I am in the process of creating a couple of exciting new services to for the Magazine that I think will be useful including:

  • A comprehensive industry directory – I feel this is the perfect place for our industry to discover, connect, exchange ideas and business outcomes through a business directory. A business listing in the directory will be FREE OF CHARGE for those subscribing to the magazine. It will be available in the magazine and also online.
  • e-Mag access for current and past issues – for those on the go or digital natives, we will be ensuring an easily downloadable versions are available. Again – you will receive it FREE OF CHARGE with your Flowers Magazine subscription.

So thank you for your support and please, please…
subscribe to the magazine

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  1. Shiralee Archer

    Good evening

    I would like to know if the balance of my subscription will be honoured or do I have to subscribe for the October issue please

    1. Allison

      Hi Shiralee,

      We have a record of all existing paying subscribers to the Magazine and as a good faith gesture, will continue to honour paid subscribers for up to 12 months. We will notify you when your subscription has expired and how you can easily renew. However, if you wish to join our industry trade directory, you will need to subscribe to our new system so we can capture your business information.

      Hope that helps

      Hope that helps to explain it.

  2. Flowerhub

    Business owners are coming up with different ideas to attract their customers to buy from them. Making the flower industry grow steadily.

    1. Flowers Magazine

      We totally agree. Flowerhub is a great example! Well done Nick and the team.
      Businesses who work out how to connect and how to build a loyal, repeat customer base are growing.