Today is a happy day. I’ve just launched our industry trade directory! I made a commitment when we took on Flower Magazine to add a trade directory to our website, offering a simple way for flower businesses to find each other and importantly, be found!.

You can search by location and business category. Just like flowers, directories are a living thing that require attention and nurturing to flourish.

Over time, we aim to improve features and functionality as we learn what our industry wants. We have trawled our databases and contacts to offer a comprehensive start. All businesses have been listed free of charge, so we really need help to validate YOUR business. You can ‘Claim a listing’ or ‘Remove a listing’ if it is out of date. If you are NOT listed – let us know (

As a thank you, all current magazine subscribers get a featured listing. You have the opportunity to set up your own listing. You can add more details about your business including images, street address, web links, specialty services and more.

Please get onboard to use and help us develop this new service for our industry.


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  1. Tina

    Hi Allison,
    May I be able to list my business on your directory.

    1. Flowers Magazine Listing Owner

      Hi Tina,

      Yes. We are putting a form together to enable basic listings for unsubscribed businesses. Or, you can subscribe to receive the magazine and list a featured listing for free as well (about $1 per week)

  2. Greg.brine

    This is great to see! I just submitted a claim for my wife’s business, Persephone in Summer Hill. I’m helping her with the SEO and one thing that’s struck me is that lack of dedicated resources like this here in australia. There’s general but not specialist like this, so thanks for setting it up. Got to say, I’m learning – and appreciating – more and more about flowers thanks to her and publications like yours!