It has been a busy few weeks getting our new services up and running, but we have finally launched our e-Magazine library. It is simply amazing what can be done with technology and some smart people assisting us.

So how does it all work?

If you are a recent subscriber to Flowers Magazine – you get instant access to our e-Magazines. Just log into the website with your username and password and away you go! You can view each e-Magazine in full-screen and on most digital devices.

If you are an active subscriber who signed up prior to October 2019, we are working on a solution to give you access. You subscribed when the Flower Association published the Magazine. When we took over, we built a brand new website, so we don’t have any login details for you. Stay tuned for updates on this. We will send an email to anyone who has an active subscription account once we have a solution.

If you are not a paying subscriber to the Magazine, get on-board and you will receive instant access. You have a few options to join. You can read all about the options here–>

Thanks for the support and enjoy hours of reading about our Flower Industry.

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